Permaculture Greenhouse Realized

So, here we are. The first post of what may be the beginning of a future book on backyard scaled bioshelters. Inspiration for the book coming from experiences building a passive solar greenhouse in my backyard. Over the next 12 months I will be blogging about the trials and tribulations, successes and challenges, as well as pictures of the project along the way. There’s already been 10 months of planning and building throughout 2012. For 2013, posts will focus on how the bioshelter is thriving on the inside, and effected or not by the environment around it. We welcome you to follow our great adventure, and encourage more posts. In a years time, a book could be the result.

Thanks for tuning in!

Jonathan Bates

10 thoughts on “Permaculture Greenhouse Realized

    • Jonathan, what you have created and set in motion is nothing short of amazing, brilliant, beautifully written, engaging and inspiring!!! I will send it off to my friends who will be greatly interested in your work and contribution to healing our world.

      Love, Dad

  1. I’m blown away by your knowledge and commitment to your passion of sustainability and very proud of you accomplishments. Love mom

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  3. Hi guys, really love this blog and your book. Looking at the building proces of your ‘bioshelter’, how did you make the ‘bend posts’ , sorry of thats the wrong word for it….

    greetings from Belgium,


    • bioshelter truss jigHello Jeroen,
      Glad you like the site. We used a hand made wooden jig that held the 4, 16foot, 2×6 “3/8inch rips”, sandwiching six inch pieces of scrap 2x4s. While the jig was holding everything together we fastened it with screws. After releasing the jig, it all stayed in place. No heat or glue was used. I believe the jig was set at a 30 degree bend. Hope that makes sense!

      • Ok, i can do that ! Thanks for the info. Gr, jeroen

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        Op 11-nov.-2013 om 23:43 heeft The Backyard Bioshelter Blog het volgende geschreven:

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  4. But whether a place of residence or business all the other human
    needs addressed by Permaculture are also present, in support
    of such shelter. The fresh air and scenery brings back a sense of
    belonging with nature. It’s a common form of hot water heating and general
    power creation.

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