Plastic Film

part 3 of “Food from Trash: A story of how bioshelters will save the world”

One third of the surface of the bioshelter is covered in newly fabricated, clear greenhouse plastic, also called polyethylene film.

Very common in the greenhouse industry, polyethylene consists of long hydrocarbon chains, a majority of which is made from fossil oil.

Of course we all know fossil oil’s dark side, when extracted and burned it puts CO2 into the air, this excess CO2 being a leading cause of global climate change.

plastic filmWe didn’t burn the plastic on the bioshelter, so technically we are not directly participating in the release of it’s fossil carbon, in fact it is sequestered in the plastic forever as long as no one burns it. But by purchasing and using the film we are indirectly supporting the continued global extraction of non-renewable petroleum used to produced the plastic.

Why is this important?

Because if climate change is to be curtailed and reversed entirely, stopping the use of most fossil hydrocarbon extraction will be necessary.

There is a new movement brewing to divest in companies participating in the current global environmental apartheid (a.k.a. hydrocarbon industry). and others have come to the conclusion that unless most of the remaining hydrocarbons are left in the ground, the worst case global climate change scenario will occur.

The apartheid being perpetuated by multi-national hydrocarbon extraction industries is being driven by their profit portfolios that are based on 2,795 gigatons of carbon dioxide locked in the coal, oil and natural gas they own. Except once we go above 565 gigitons of new carbon dioxide released, the globe will start to reach a place of no return. What will happen if the total 2,795 gigitons of CO2 is released? We’re F_CKED.

Exxon Mobile, Shell, BP, Chevron, Peabody Energy, Chesapeake Energy, and the rest, are now public enemy number one. Without their demise, much of life on planet earth will cease to exist. Two strategies people can use to take down these corporations are:

Democratic Insurgency

Direct Action

Once we remove these corporations from the face of the earth, how are we going to cover our bioshelters and greenhouses in clear plastic film?

We make plastic film from … Join us for the next blog post to find out!

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