Whole Life Design

thinkerwomenHave you ever stopped and thought, “Who am I and why am I here?”

Every once and awhile I contemplate questions like that. Why are WE here, I mean what do human beings bring to this place we call the Universe?

I asked this question recently and remembered an answer I once gave myself many years ago. The question back then was:

“What is the meaning of Life?”

I answered, “To Live.”

What do questions like this have to do with The Backyard Bioshelter Blog?

Well, for me, the bioshelter is currently a part of how I am Living a Whole Life.

Let me step back and share a few ideas before explaining what I mean by that…

As I see it, human beings have some essential universal needs: hydration and food, protection from the elements, and closeness with other human beings.

Some might argue that in a modern capitalist society, people also need: some form of housing, a social network, transportation to get places, and a way to make a living to pay for the things that fill our modern lives.

We can also add some other important needs, and represent them this way:


I like the image of a flower with it’s petals representing our everyday needs. Each of these pedals change over time throughout our lives. Sometimes we are closed up, struggling through a dark night, other times we are open to the sun and rejoicing.

Over the last 10 years I have slowly realized that getting “stuck”, in whether my needs are met or not, isn’t “the way life is”. In fact there have been points in my life where I can put intelligent thought and effective effort towards creating a happy, fulfilling, vibrant, abundant, and loving life. As I have met the people, and learned the skills necessary for me to meet my goals, I have come to understand what I’ve really been doing…

… designing my life.

There are many self help resources, and labels people use for this process. More and more I have come to enjoy a particular design methodology/theory/practice/ethics called permaculture. I have flavored my experience with permaculture in this blog post by calling it Whole Life Design.

In the next post on Whole Life Design I write about the flower petal details, and elaborate how they manifest in my life, including where the bioshelter and blog fit into the flower.


4 thoughts on “Whole Life Design

  1. Funny, in my 11th grade english class, that very question was posed to us one day “what is the meaning of life,” we were studying Jean Paul Sartre and the existenitalists. my answer to the class was, “the point of life is to live!” 🙂 guess that’s why I must be your sister!

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