I would like to find out if there is a pilot project somewhere. But for now, what a cool concept. Takes bioshelters to a whole new level. To the level of whole regions, and millions of people!!!

I like their focus on plant polycultures, integrated food systems, and net-zero-impact food production.

They have a page in their book that shows the challenges. Cost is of course a doozy of a challenge for such a large scale project. Not sure if I would call it “human scaled” (which is what I consider our bioshelter to be). It seems like it relies to much on high end computing and sensors, which means specialized workers with advanced degrees. And dependance on multi-national corporations, tying the food production resiliency to organizations and technology that is manufactured far away (not economically sustainable in the long term).

Read more about the polydome here. You can download their free book too.

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