Steve Whitman Bioshelter

The video above is one segment of a class being taught by Steve Whitman at his permaculture homestead in Plymouth, NH. The video was shot by Josh Trought of D Acres, New Hampshire.

I visited Steve this last weekend, and he shared part of his story with me. We had a wonderful time hanging out and talking about his systems. Particularly I was interested in the bioshelter he constructed on his land. The video provides a good overview of the systems components. Some similarities to our bioshelter include:

-Growing winter greens very successfully during the cold season
-Off grid and powered by solar panels (except we use DC power, he converts to AC)
-Made with local or reclaimed materials
-Built air tight, north wall is insulated
-Built with own labor but included friends and volunteers in the process
-Experiments with different plants and systems
-Uses it to teach permaculture

Where his system is different then ours:

-Chicken coop and tool shed attached to north side
-Area for food drying
-Climate battery built under the structure helps buffer night time temperatures, as well as reduce humidity
-No worm composting and aquaponics
-Went through a permitting process to build
-Materials cost was higher
-Clear materials are polycarbonate and glass
-Plymouth is one or two climate zones colder
-Steve walks barefoot in his bioshelter, I don’t… yet

Here is another video of Steve’s greenhouse, similar information but nice images of vegetables and chickens:

For more information about Steve’s work check out:

1 thought on “Steve Whitman Bioshelter

  1. That’s a very cool heating system he has going. It seems to work quite well and save a good amount of energy.

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