Geoff Lawton visit to Paradise Lot

geoff canal

Hey you all. Sorry it has been so long since I last posted anything to the blog. It’s been a very busy summer. The days are getting shorter and the plants are going to sleep. The greenhouse still thinks it is summer though!

Some of what has been keeping me busy is the amount of interest we have been having with our garden and greenhouse. One visitor recently topped them all… Geoff Lawton of permaculture fame came to stay with us for 3 days a few weeks back. He was interested in our garden and work and came to interview us and video our backyard and city. It was an amazing experience, hearing Geoff’s stories of international travel, the projects he’s done and his views of the world. All of us pretty much dropped everything and followed him and his film crew around.

Speaking of his film crew, Eric and Frank were wonderful guests too, and they came with a fantastic laid back humble attitude. We laughed a lot and enjoyed our time together.

geoff crew

Below is a picture with Eric and I being interviewed by Geoff. See the bioshelter in the background. Frank is an aquaponics enthusiast as well, so he loved the bioshelter, in fact he is known in that world for his videography on the subject.

geoff interview

Here is Geoff with our famous 10 year old hardy banana trees.

geoff bananas


Geoff was mainly here to gather footage for his online permaculture design course videos. He is really good at marketing himself… oh why not, what goes around comes around šŸ™‚

4 thoughts on “Geoff Lawton visit to Paradise Lot

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  2. Lawton asked you in the video about your top 30 plants. Please would you provide them in a list? I really liked the video and have read Eric’s Perennial Vegetables book from cover to cover. Thanks Esbjorn

    • Top 25 food plants of Paradise Lot

      hardy kiwi
      american persimmon
      asian pear
      tree collards
      welsh onion
      perennial leek
      clover current
      sylvetta arugula
      pink champaign currant
      sea kale
      edible hosta
      turkish rocket
      little leaf linden
      chinese yam

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