God damn fucking privileged human beings

part 2b of “Food from Trash: A story of how bioshelters will save the world”

I’m trying to stay relaxed in a sometimes insane world…

On Mountaintop Removal Coal Mining (or any industrial extraction of resources):

I see extreme corporate/State corruption and greed resulting in unthinkable devastation to people and planet.

Or, is it…

privileged human beings using their Power and technology to extract resources within a complex geo-socio-political biosphere.

Are both true?

The second accepts that humans, and the culture(s) they have evolved to wield, are part of Nature. And that humans as a force, like volcanos, glaciers, and space collisions, have Earth changing consequences. And, despite volcanos, glaciers, space collisions, and human influence, the benign Earth will continue to evolve and change through time.

What hangs me up is… those GOD DAMN FUCKING PRIVILEGED HUMAN BEINGS, with their insane corruption and greed, screw up such beautiful places (people).

I wish they could be reasoned with… oh right, they are insane…

I think I’ll go try and relax, and enjoy my bioshelter.

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