Food Forest Farm launches new web site, taking plant orders

Food Forest Farm Logo
The new Food Forest Farm logo

Wow! It’s been a few months but we finally have the first draft of our new web site live, for the world to see! We are excited to share it with folks reading the Permaculture Greenhouse, Backyard Bioshelter blog because it is an important part of the Food Forest Farm enterprise, and in the months and years ahead and will become even more linked together.

One of the main drivers for the new web site is that the previous online ordering system we were using, Google Checkout, is no longer in service, we were forced to upgrade. I am so glad we did. Not only do we have a more secure, flexible, user-friendly, and visually nice e-commerce system, the entire site is redesigned, including a new logo!

Another motivation for an improved is to enhance the presentation of our educational opportunities. Through crystal clear photos, inspiring video, and useful articles and news, the site will better present our workshops, tours, garden help days, skill building offerings, speaking events, and permaculture courses. We also want to show our visitors and customers a growing, impressive consulting portfolio.

Last, but not least, the site will build excitement around’s premier attraction… The plants we offer in our permaculture nursery! Visit the site and see for yourself. Now is your chance to order plants for spring before they sell out:


Save the date for these life enhancing educational opportunities:

  • March 8, Year-Round Food: Backyard Bioshelter Workshop
  • April 26, Paradise Lot Spring Vegetable Tasting & Workshop
  • July 5, Paradise Lot Summer Fruit Tasting & Workshop
  • October 18, Paradise Lot Fall Harvest Tasting & Workshop

Coming soon to our new Food Forest Farm blog (Get the Dirt!), 2013 farm highlights:

  • Inspiring visit by Geoff Lawton, international permaculture teacher
  • Life changing urban Permaculture FEAST course
  • Shocking Food Forest Farm soil analysis, ten years later

Because of your great support over the last 5 years we were able to expand the web site. We look forward to continuing to serve you this year, and years to come.

A Happy New Year to all our customers and friends,

Jesse, Megan and Jonathan


1 thought on “Food Forest Farm launches new web site, taking plant orders

  1. When I logged on to your website just now, an ad from a website I had gone to recently popped up. When I clicked on the About these Ads link, the message said that your website had not purchased the No Ads upgrade and was collecting payments for allowing these ads to pop up. These pop up ads are more than annoying. If I am going to be annoyed by these ads just to read your website, I will simply not go to your website. Please buy the No Ads upgrade.

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