Soil is God


I’m not a religious person. And I’m not sure if I actually believe in a God. But, if there ever was a place in our Universe that had God like properties, I know now where that place is… Right underneath our feet! 

That’s right, you heard me, Soil is God!

Let me provide some explanation. Eventually you’ll come around…

We’ll start with green plants. They take something as benign and abundant as sunlight to produce all the stuff life depends on for, well, life?

Where do these plants live? On the ground all around, of course. With their roots down under where we can’t see them. But, we know those roots are there, doing what roots do, holding the plants in place, and sucking up water and minerals, combining it all with carbon in the air to produce that important stuff I mentioned (stuff that transforms into the salad you eat for lunch, or the grass fed cow who becomes dinner).

But the miracle I’m describing doesn’t end there.

Soil is Godly, not just because we all depend on it to grow the food we need to survive, but also because of its infinite wonder.

Soil is a vast medium that covers most terrestrial landscapes on earth. It contains unimaginable volumes of living creatures, holding more life then all other life combined. It is this teaming life that is miraculous to say the least! Plants are able to do what they do because of these thriving terrestrial oceans of bacteria, fungus, algae, protozoa, nematodes and earthworms, plus countless other things pulsing along down there.

The plants are riding waves of life juice in the mineralized, aqueous, aerated soil. The soil web of life plays out like on the African savanna… eat and be eaten and the cycle continues. This cycle in the soil, healthy living soil, is what ultimately hints to why we need to treat soil more like God and less like dirt.

Who knows the soils’ cycles better then farmers? Listening to good farmers could be our salvation. You see, some farmers, who grow your food, have known for a log time that healthy living soil grows healthy food. And this food grows on soil that is not only teaming with life, it begets life. Life that grows on life builds soil over time. What is being built is humus. Humus is a stable form of carbon. Soil that has a lot of humus holds a lot of carbon.

Simply put, if all of us support more good farmers, who we encourage to grow healthy food, creating lots of humus in the process, global climate change would end tomorrow.

Let me repeat that, global climate change would end tomorrow.

How’s that for a miracle?

I rest my case. Soil is God.

(This essay was recently inspired by the following: Northeast Organic Farming Association; Bionutrient Food Association; Forster Soil Management; Balanced Land Health; Paradise Lot)


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