2014 spring backyard bioshelter workshop success

March 2014 ever bearing strawberry flower

March 2014 ever bearing strawberry flower in bioshelter

We had 12 people here on Saturday to enjoy a warm “bioshelter spring” day. The strawberries are flowering, the greens are producing abundantly and folks loved the fact they could strip down to their t-shirts! We talked all things Holyoke Backyard Bioshelter including history of our project, materials and construction, and all the greenhouse components: plants, aquaponics, solar, compost worms, black soldier flies, and fun!

I was excited to share our experience from this last winter, like, our coldest day outside was negative -12 degrees F, while inside the greenhouse we stayed above 25 degrees F. Our 4 inch thick, 1 foot deep perimeter insulation kept the soil frost away. The catfish hibernated through the winter alive, peeking out to eat their first meal just in time for the workshop. The bioshelter not only performed well, it exceeded our expectations!

March 8, 2014 taken during the spring Backyard Bioshelter Workshop

March 8, 2014 taken during the spring Backyard Bioshelter Workshop

During the day I was reminded how important a resource our garden is for people looking to learn and implement these ideas. The workshop attendees had great questions, and suggestions for improvement. Many folks enjoyed sampling some of the winter harvest: like oca and watercress salad, along with sautéed tree collard greens. At the end of the day we sent everyone home with tree collard and fig tree cuttings, two of our favorite and most productive bioshelter foods, they can sprout and start planting their own bioshelter.

If you want to come to our next dynamic and mind blowing Backyard Bioshelter Workshop, it will be November 15, 2014.

Sign up for the next bioshelter workshop by CLICKING HERE

We have limited spots and they sell out fast!

Aquaponics greens March 2014: kale, mustard,

Aquaponics greens March 2014: kale and mustard ready for eating

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