Perennial Broccolis Through the Seasons video release

Perennial Broccolis

As the days become longer, and we enjoy the remaining days of the winter season, we have this important time to reflect on the past year, and what the warmer days of spring and summer hold. Winter is a wonderful time to contemplate our lives, and consider the abundance around us, particularly how are gardens grow! What will you be planting and eating from the garden this year?

Food Forest Farm, home of the Backyard Bioshelter, has a fantastic lineup of familiar and not so familiar perennial edibles for you to try in your garden this year.

Choose from our most popular favorites like Sea Kale, Pawpaw, and Russian Comfrey. Or, how about enjoying some up-and-coming goodies: Perennial Leek, Mint Root, or Turkish Rocket! If the past years hold true, most of the plants will be sold out by March, so get them while supplies last. Alternatively, save time, money and gas organizing a group order, and picking up the plants in person.

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If your garden is already full of plants, but you’re looking for new and exciting learning opportunities, we have a wonderful lineup of Tours, Workshops, and Garden Help Days.

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We continue to be blessed by all the interest and support we’ve received in the last five years of running an ecological regenerative, permaculturally rooted business. If you’ve supported us in the past, thank you! If you are new to Food Forest Farm, we’d love to have you as a part of our expanding network, and using our services. To keep up to date on our Farm News…

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I’m so excited to be releasing our first e-learning video for all of you to see… “Perennial Broccolis: Through the Seasons” by Costa Boutsikaris (who happens to be releasing an amazing permaculture documentary in 2015).

Join me as I take you on a journey through the seasons from spring to fall, and we propagate, grow, harvest, and cook two unusual perennial vegetables: Sea kale, Crambe maritima, and Turkish rocket, Bunias orientalis. This is the most dynamic and informative video ever recorded for growing these plants as vegetables.

Watch Amazing New Video

Happy Solstice, and New Year!

Jonathan, Megan and Jesse
Food Forest Farm
Holyoke, MA

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