Permaculture Greenhouse Bioshelter Drawings: Plan, Section, Detail

Screen shot 2016-01-28 at 10.35.16 AM Screen shot 2016-01-28 at 10.31.17 AM Screen shot 2016-01-28 at 10.35.45 AM

Believe it or not, this is our fourth winter with the bioshelter. During that time we’ve learned a lot, eaten hundreds of pounds of food, had hundreds of visitors and workshop attendees, numerous videos produced, yet never once has anyone put the bioshelter design on paper… until now…

Above you’ll see the plan, section and detail CAD drawings of the design of the bioshelter. Thanks to one of our more devoted volunteers, Sam Samson, we now have useful drawings to share.

8 thoughts on “Permaculture Greenhouse Bioshelter Drawings: Plan, Section, Detail

  1. Hi Jonathon, thanks for posting this – am in the process of building my own in the UK – used your book as my initial inspiration that has been backed up by the work of Jerome Osentowski – question, did you add your ‘climate battery’ after installing your building? And how does it work well for you? My structure is an adapted ‘lean to’ aluminium framed greenhouse raised up on a block plinth to give more hieght with 16mm polycarbonate roof (single piece), 5mm thick single sheet glass for the walls and lots of clotted style foam insulation on the north wall – apart from fixings and the polycarbonate everything else (inc the green house) has been reclaimed or skip dived. I have limited space to put in a climate battery but could do at this stage before planting up if it’s worth it – i would be zone 8 re temperatures (10 – 20 f)

    • Hello Gary, the climate battery was installed after… If you can I recommend installing it before planting so you can locate the piping system under the planting beds, allowing you to offer the heat and moisture the battery collects to the root zone. We did it after because I didn’t know how to install one, and didn’t have the time to learn, before we built the structure. Also, if you are running the climate battery fan with 12 VDC electricity, like we are, you are limited to how long the fan can run (for us under 3 hours) this short time frame turns the technology into a very limited dehumidifier. If you have AC power you can size the system to heat, cool and dry the system to very precise levels.

      • Thank you Jonathon, appreciate your time and experience. its winter here now so i have a good opportunity to get it done before i’m encumbered with bed sides and soil – our mains power is AC, but i will have to learn some new skills, or better still ask some mates who already have them – thanks for ‘pioneering’

  2. Jonathan, that’s splendid!! Give Sam our thanks. How can I print it out? Or can you send me a copy and I’ll print it? I might even have it framed.. Love, Dad

  3. Greetings Jonathan, great project! I have been building SHCS greenhouses here in New Mexico, seems to be the same as a Climate Battery. I am interested in fan sizing and controls. Also would like to know your glazing material for your Bioshelter.
    Carl Rosenberg

    • Hello Carl,
      I’m very new to the SHCS (climate battery) technology. Mostly I built it for our greenhouse to learn about the idea and components. The system is very small, running on 12 VDC, solar, battery and 50 watt, 4 inch, marine bulkhead blower. I can only have it on 3 or 4 hours a day on a timer, or the battery will drain down to much. So, with such low usage, the only good it seems to be doing is keeping the plant leaves a little drier in the winter time, lowering mold issues, and raising the temperature maybe a few degrees just before the sun comes up (blows 50 degree air out of the pipes into the greenhouse). This is the first year we’ve tested it, and it was a super mild winter for us. It will take a few more years before we can see what it is really doing. In regards to sizing the system… I just used the components that made since based on my budget and what I had available. I’m pretty sure the fan is oversized for the 80 feet of drain pipe its pulling air through. If you have any calculations you could pass my way, so I can check the numbers that would be great! Oh, and we use three layers of common greenhouse plastic, 6 mil? The layers are separated enough to utilize the air films on each side of the plastic as insulation.

  4. What kind of greenhouse film are using, and what sort of extras (if any) does it have?
    For my greenhouse I’m considering 6Mil polyethylene film that is UV-Stabilized; IR-blocking (to keep interior warmer at night) and possible Anti-Condensation. Not sure about the last one. Thank for sharing your plans. 🙂

  5. Anywhere I can get plans (and directions) for something like this? My husband and I have done some construction, but figuring this out looks a little complex for us right now without walking us through it a little more.


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