Flexible Humans in a Rigid Society: A New Ethos For Our Species Has Begun

Imagine a herd of elephants grazing on the savanna. They’re taking their time, bumping into each other, lots of dust is kicked up, trunks and tails are swinging back and forth. All of a sudden a humming bird darts out of the forest towards the herd. Without concern or hesitation, the little hummingbird speeds up, moving faster as it closes in on the elephants. In and out, it weaves itself through the chaos and around each towering behemoth. Something startles the elephants causing a stampede. Effortlessly the little bird navigates it’s way through to the nectar filled flowers on the other side.

In the above visualization, the Western socio-economic and political system is the stampeding elephants. You and I are the hummingbirds. The best way to navigate the “stampede” we now find ourselves in is to move through the herd with grace, thoughtfulness and wisdom.

You might be saying to yourself, “Oh, the Trump administration is the stampede, I get it!” Well, yes, but he and the people working with him are a continuation of a System (representative democratic federalism) that is centuries old. Regardless of who is in office, those who have accepted the status quo, and worked with it to make it what it is today, have all led us to this point… that is, a stampede, a rigid system, cannot be tamed or guided towards peaceful harmony, but the hummingbird is flexible enough to move through the chaos, and leave the stampede behind.

The Stampede We Are In

The conclusions I have come to are as follows:

1) The United States of America (USA) will be bankrupt within the decade

2) Some where between now and after the bankruptcy occurs the USA will be completely privatized (thanks for your thinking on this one Megan!)

3) The Trump administration will expertly expedite this corporate takeover (started centuries ago)

4) The “System” expects resistance and is counting on it to legitimize it’s totalitarian response

5) Strategic and thoughtful resistance to the old system is necessary while a seedling, and its developing nectar filled flower, is encouraged to grow (see next section).

We Are The Hummingbirds and We Are Flexible

As we refuse the current stampede’s potential to crush us, the hummingbirds must not loose track of our inherent ability to calmly, intelligently and flexibly navigate the dangers ahead. People on the North American continent have survived terrible circumstances before: indigenous genocide, African slavery, dozens of wars, the Great Depression, the list goes on and on… There were hummingbirds during these times, and we are still here. It is now time for the hummingbirds to share with humanity how to not only maneuver through the current stampede, but to also lead everyone to the ripening flower and A New Ethos.

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5 thoughts on “Flexible Humans in a Rigid Society: A New Ethos For Our Species Has Begun

  1. Jonathan…I said before that it is beautifully written. I look forward to a conversation about your conclusions in the conversation spaces we can find during Thanksgiving. I’ll send my writings so you can see how I portray human cultural evolution which, if I’ve figured some things out for me, might suggest a different pace of change. Remember a seminal book for me is the one I sent you on The Secrets of Our Success. We are all hummingbirds but move in slow motion. For better or worse.

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