Food Forest Farm is moving, Paradise Lot is not

I’m learning that one of the assurances in life is that impermanence is a part of the natural flow of things. As of June 2017, Jonathan Bates, Megan Barber and Jesse Bates, along with Food Forest Farm have moved to the Ithaca area of New York. For those customers, acquaintances and readers who are learning this for the first time, things are changing, and we are still in business. Let me explain… In terms of the plant nursery, Fall plant orders will sill go out starting in October 2017. And future plant sales will continue. Yes, this means the nursery will began again from our new food forest in NY, and as we transition all plants from our nursery location in Massachusetts.

What about the Bioshelter? It is staying in Holyoke. Good news is, we have plans to build a more refined, updated and larger bioshelter in New York. We’ll keep you posted.

What’s happening to the Paradise Lot Holyoke edible forest garden and our relationship with Eric Toensmeier you ask? Yes, it is the end of one chapter, the almost two decades long garden partnership has ended. But, we’re still good friends with Eric and his family, and Eric is now the main Holyoke garden inhabitant (although I will continue to be a core part of the gardens’ evolution, as best I can from afar). So, although there are big changes a foot, and Food Forest Farm is starting a new chapter, we are excited about the opportunities and adventures ahead. Watch out for these future potentialities and partnerships: digging deeper into broad-acre silvopasture and agroforestry; soil carbon and climate change solutions; building our network in New York including these awesome folks:;;;;

If you’d like to contact us and discuss opportunities for building relationships and connections in our New York home we’d love to hear from you! As for visiting Paradise Lot in Holyoke you should attend one of our educational opportunities this summer and fall: Garden Tours¬†and Workshops.