Flexible Humans in a Rigid Society: A New Ethos For Our Species Has Begun, part 3 Returning to Egalitarianism

Part One, we must be flexible and out-whit the crushing cultural stampede

Part Two, we must non-comply with the system forever

Part Three, for ninety-nine percent of human history egalitarianism was our life boat, and still is.

The future of Westernized humanity must be egalitarian (The learned system of capital accumulation manipulates natural egalitarian brain function). Whether we decide this and demand reformulating ourselves around our natural tendencies, OR, total system collapse forces us to realize it, it will come… Extinction is the alternative.

For a successful transition, all members of society must RE-member the following naturally occurring human behaviors:

-Show proper humility or be ridiculed, or eventually outcast. (Accumulation unacceptable)

-Engender feelings of trust and acceptance in the young. (Domination unacceptable)

-Cultivate equitable playfulness in groups, young and old. (Lifelong delightfulness)

-Share decisions equally among community. (Leadership is situational)

Here is a great presentation from Raj Patel showing where we have been, where we are now, and where some are already working towards A New Ethos.

(P.S. My sense is that people living in northern bioregions can thrive more joyfully while practicing egalitarianism in bioshelters 😉