Flexible Humans in a Rigid Society: A New Ethos For Our Species Has Begun, part 2 Global General Strike

In Part One I laid out a story for how it will be the flexible humans who make it going forward in this world.

It is now time for humanity to end the triple threat to our existence: Mass Species Extinction, Complete Climate Meltdown, Nuclear Armageddon

How do we act?

Global General Strike

Not just any old “stop working for a day”, but complete non-compliance with the system, forever.

You heard that right. We don’t have time for reforms. We don’t have time for the normal passage of time to hope that the system corrects itself. We must stop the system in it’s tracts NOW!

We are killing ourselves and taking down life as we know it with us. I predict that within the next five years, if complete non-compliance with the system does not occur, there will be nobody in the next generation to read this post.

Sorry for the bad news.

The good news is in the next post, I’ll describe how most of humanity just forgot what works, there isn’t to much we need to remember to be good to ourselves.