Figgery Figloo Winter Greenhouse for Mountain Fig Trees

Last night it was 10 degrees F outside the greenhouse and 43 degrees F inside the “figloo”. As the winter proceeds I will continue to check on the temperatures and observing the condition of the figs, as well as the perennial kale and artichokes that are also under the insulation of the figloo. I’ll be writing more about the details of this system, including all the techniques that are being used to hopefully keep the fig tree trunks alive until spring.




figloo full


2 thoughts on “Figgery Figloo Winter Greenhouse for Mountain Fig Trees

    • Good question. I am running a Webinar March 2020:

      As for workshops on greenhouses and winter growing… My system is for season extension in the spring and fall, not winter growing. Although, without the protection of my high tunnel in the New York figgery greenhouse, the winter dormant figs would not be able to make it as trees through the zone 5b winters.

      I’ll consider a winter greenhouse webinar for 2020. Thanks!

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