New Greenhouse Fig Experiment

As many of you know, assuming you’ve been following our work at Food Forest Farm, the Permaculture Greenhouse project has grown! We are now in two States šŸ™‚ The bioshelter is still growing delicious citrus at the Paradise Lot garden in Massachusetts. Our new project is in Brooktondale, NY…

IMG_20180405_101224277_HDR.jpgDoesn’t look like much now…

Our plan is to turn this sheep barn poly tunnel into a delicious cold hardy figgery!

The ground is being prepared now, by removing the old sheep manure and bedding, spraying the ground with diverse microbiology and liquid minerals, prepping the planting holes (think “pots in the ground”), and then planting the trees!

Here is our list of hardy in-ground fig trees for 2018:

Florea (sugar berry flavor)- early season
Improved CelesteĀ (sugar flavor)- early season
Saint Rita (punch berry flavor)- mid season
Ronde de Bordeaux (resin berry flavor)- mid season
Valle Negra (resin berry flavor)- mid season
WhiteĀ Trianna (honey berry flavor)- late season
Hardy Chicago (punch berry flavor)- late season
JH Adriatic (citric berry)- late season

We will be overwintering the trees with heavy mulch of horizontal main trunks in the greenhouse, growing the trunk like this:

senteimaeThese are end of year dormant canes that will be cut off at the trunk, and then the trunk covered with mulch. Canes will regrow the following year and produce fruit (Japanese Step-over Method borrowed from the internet).